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As a cosumer I can understand why more and more people want to shop on line on black friday and not in the stores. To me it's not worth the hassle of all the people and the screeming children. I would much rather spent ten extra dollars for shipping then to stand in those lines and fight the crowds. Its just not worth it anymore. I think online shopping is going to become more and more popular. Especially sinc ethe stores seem to be getting bigger and bigger to compeat with the wal-marts and targets.


As a sales associate in a retail store, I also agree that even though our store was open to the consumer all hours of the night, and it seemed very busy, the sales were not as good as anticipated. In fact, they were about the same as last year. I heard many people say this year that they wanted to get all of their Christmas shopping done in one night/day, meaning the day after Thanksgiving, because of all of the markdowns. This has caused our last few weeks of the store to have very slow days when we are expecting busy days, causing our store to have more sales to draw the customer in and get great deals so they will not become the last minute Christmas shoppers.


As a manager at a retail store in Texas, I agree with you. We did not do as well as we had predicted for this year's After Thanksgiving Sales. This lead to our company marking down the whole store for a few weeks to draw customers in so they can get the great deals and not become last minute Christmas shoppers.

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