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I have a Dell Latitude Laptop using Windows XP. I took it to Geek Squad because it was skipping and the freezing up when I played DVDs or any kind of audio. When it freezes I have to turn it off witut shutting it down. It also wouldn't freeze right freezes into about 10 minutes of playing DVDs or youtube videos. It was also making weird noises when it froze. Best Buy informed me that the noise wasn't any hardware issue, but the kind of noise the computer makes when it's frozen. They said nothing was wrong hardware wise, and that I had 6 viruses on the laptop. Well now, all those viruses are removed, and my laptop is still skipping and freezing when I play the point where I have to turn off the computer without shutting it down. If it's not viruses, and geek squad said everything is fine with the computer physically, then what is it? I'm very frustruated

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I agree. Customer service today is horrible. Instead of trying to help customers, banks have become totally insensitive to our needs.


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